Ninja Challenge Classes in Louisville, CO

Tailored Fitness Courses for Kids & Teens

  • Running up the warped wall

One obstacle at a time we are turning kids into Ninjas! The kids fitness program offered at USA Ninja Challenge is dynamic, interactive, and most important, fun! There’s never a dull moment in our gym and kids will hardly notice the fact that they’re exercising. We serve kids aged between 4 and 17 with each age group having a specific weekly plan to improve their individual skill sets.

How to Enroll

  1. Contact us to schedule your first class. We always like to have a new student come in and try an age appropriate class, give the parents a tour of the facility and answer any questions about our program. If your child does not like the first class, we do not charge you. If you do register your child for classes, the first class will be billed as his/her first class.
  2. Wear appropriate attire. Students should wear shorts and a short sleeve T-shirt and bring a water bottle. No shoes needed, we go into the gym bare-foot.
  3. Fill out a waiver. You may fill out our online registration and waiver from HERE. When you arrive at the gym, we will confirm your registration and waiver and fill in any missing information, if necessary. All sections of the registration and waiver must be completed by a parent or legal guardian before your child is allowed to enter the gym area.
  4. Receive a welcome letter. You will be given a welcome letter with information about our facility.
  5. Register for class. If, after the first class, you plan to continue with the program, you will need to choose a class time to commit to that is age and level appropriate.
  6. Payment. You will need to pay an annual registration fee and the first month’s tuition. If your child is enrolled part of way through a month, your first month will be prorated. We offer two payment method; either ACH from a checking account or a credit card on file. (See welcome letter for details).
  7. That’s it. You’re in! Now your job is to show up for classes with a smile and enjoy watching your ninja grow and progress through the program!

Kids swinging

Ninja Fitness Classes for Kids

Our Ninja Classes are focused on fitness, safety, and fun! Ninja kids can immerse themselves into the ever growing sport of Ninja! Our obstacle courses, activities, and games all help to reinforce a healthy lifestyle, respect for ones self and others, team work, and various other life skills that will help children to grow into being the best Ninjas they can be!

Teen swinging

Teen Fitness Classes

Teen training classes are more advanced than our standard Ninja classes. It consists of warm-ups, various body weight exercises, and a range of obstacle challenges which differ from class to class depending on students abilities and needs. Teens will focus on the fundamentals of swinging, climbing, jumping, traversing, balance, tumbling, and floor skills, as well as participate in creative conditioning sessions.

The Obstacles

Are you curious about what exactly our Ninja obstacles entail? At USA Ninja Challenge we focus on agility, coordination, and strength in order for our obstacle courses to be completed.  All obstacles and courses are age-appropriate, challenging, and change from class to class. Click on each obstacle below to learn a little more about it!

    • Box jumps
    • Long jump
    • Jumping over or onto obstacles
    • Jumping from platform to platform
    • From platforms to ropes or cargo nets

    • Ropes
    • Cargo nets
    • Peg boards
    • Rock walls

    • Rings
    • Ropes
    • Hanging ladders
    • Nunchucks
    • Cannon balls

    • Cargo nets
    • Inclines
    • Rock walls
    • Peg boards
    • Ledges
    • Chimney walls

    • Balance beams
    • Slacklines
    • Rolling barrels

    • Running
    • Block pushing
    • Army crawl
    • Vaulting
    • Tumbling

Ninja Jams — Competitions for Kids and Teens

Based on the competitive spirit of American Ninja Warrior, our Ninja Jams are loads of fun for both kids and parents! We host jamboree-style competitions that teach kids and teens the importance of effort, goal-setting, and not sweating the losses.

Girl balancing and kids traversing

Fitness Program for Kids in the Louisville Area

What parents love most about USA Ninja Challenge is that while their kids are having fun, the kids are actually exercising!  Every class kids are increasing their strength, agility, self-respect, and social skills. Their sense of accomplishment is clear as they level up through our program and become determined to increase their skills further. Our core strength and agility training is a perfect compliment to all other kids activities. The lessons and skills they learn at USA Ninja Challenge will help them with all other sports like soccer, basketball, ice hocky, baseball, swimming and lacrosse.  

We proudly serve families in Louisville Colorado and the surrounding areas! If you think your child would make a good Ninja, sign them up for a Free Trial class today!