Ninja Summer Camps in Louisville, CO

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Welcome to Ninja Camp!

Our Ninja Camp program is unique compared to others. We have all the benefits of a gymnastic and strength/agility style camp but with a specific focus on the popular sport of Ninja. Your kids will be getting stronger, faster, gaining better balance, more confident and all while having fun in a safe environment. Our program is heavily goal oriented so children will know exactly what it is they need to do to improve their skills and overall skill level in our program.

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We believe that USA Ninja Challenge offers the most fun and enriching kids’ programs on the Front Range! Our program which combines physical activity, problem solving, and healthy social interations helps to develop a childs overall health, analytical abilities and social capabilities. All of which helps to enhance a kids self-respect, respect for others, and general outlook on the world. Reach out to us to book a camp or for any other inquiries you might have. See you Ninjas at camp!